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Phoenix is the cultural hub of Arizona. Since it was settled back in 1867, it has become the fifth largest city in the USA. Known for its hot desert climate, Phoenix is one of the primary destinations for settlers in the wild west.

Historical Party Bus Tours Phoenix, AZ

The city’s identity is connected heavily to the iconic westward expansion during the 1800s. This gives the city a very deep rooted history. Many people come to Phoenix from all over the USA, even all over the world. People come to see the cliche desert, mountains, and other western cultural phenomenons. The city doesn’t disappoint. Phoenix has a lot to offer those who are looking to experience southwest American culture to its fullest.

By now, many have realized that the Greater Phoenix Area isn’t lacking in historical and cultural attractions. Obviously, any dedicated tourist is heavily inclined to explore these cultural marvels. However, it wouldn’t hurt for a long term Phoenix resident to explore these historical landmarks as well. After all, it is pretty embarrassing for a lifelong Phoenix native to not be educated on the city’s history. 

Since the city has such a rich history, we offer historical sites tours here at Phoenix Party Bus Rentals. That’s right, you and a group of your 50+ closest friends can now explore the Greater Phoenix Area’s top rated cultural attractions in one condensed event. Run through the desert like wild cowboys and cowgirls without the worry of planning logistics. Our drivers are highly acquainted with the locality. They are sure to hit it off with all of our party bus guests. 

Here are a few landmarks and destinations where our party bus service can take you on a day trip. These are a necessity for those who want to immerse themselves in Phoenix History.

Heritage Square

This is the original residential block of downtown Phoenix. For those who want to see vintage Phoenix architecture, this is the place to be. It’s crazy how some people think time travel is unachievable. Come here to see buildings over 100 years old, such as the Rossun House. 

Pioneer Living History Museum

Being founded in the late 1800s, Phoenix is a relatively new city. However, since westward expansion is relatively recent, Phoenix was a wild place until the 1900s. 90 acres of land belong to the museum. These 90 acres capture the essence of pioneer life. A true western. This is the best place to play cowboys and Indians. Imagine all the shootouts that took place here. We don’t have enough time to describe the essence of history this museum provides. A must see for your next party bus tour!

Pueblo Grande Museum

For those who are interested in the history of Phoenix before it was settled by Americans, this is the place to go. Before it was an American territory, Arizona was part of Mexico. Before that, Arizona belonged to a vast array of indeginous tribes. Much of the United States was settled far before Phoenix, so Native American history is much fresher in Phoenix than in other parts of the country. This is the place to educate yourself on Phoenix pre westward expansion. The property even boasts a 1500 year old village that has been preserved to maintain historical relevance. 

By now, we hope you get the idea that we can provide party bus tours to any destination one would desire in the Greater Phoenix Area. The purpose of this article is not to educate people on every historical landmark of the area. The purpose of this article is to give readers ideas on how to utilize our top notch party bus service to quench their thirst for Phoenix culture and history. 

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